What are Black Magic Spells

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What are Black Magic Spells

The due to the reason that black magic is associated with evil and with the darker spirits, many people distance themselves from learning about black magic. But if you’re truly interested in spells work and in magic and psychic reading, you will need to know about all the practices of magic and their possible results. if you can see magic as being a many-faceted work, the more easily you will decide what magic is outstanding most to your desires at that time

The Basics of Black Magic Spells

Different scholars agree that dark or black magic was first seen in primitive religions of man. With these practices, people would try to surmon in spirits and also create needed outcomes based on desires verse us considering the effect on others. The biggest used definition for black magic is magic that is meant to hurt others or to do things against the will of others without considering outcome.
Others define black magic as being ‘low’ magic, as the intentions of the caster are not as ‘high’ as though who use white magic. But this determination of good and bad can be difficult to go through, as what’s good to some people may not be good to another.
Images of black magic being utilized to destroy crops and to surmon demons are found throughout literature writings and in the times of the witch hunt. There are also many references for black magic regarding Satanism and devil worship, however those deeds are also at the opposite side to Christian religion and the worship of God; this has nothing to do with Wicca.

When to use Black Magic

What’s critical about black magic is that it’s often dismissed as being unnecessary, but not all Wiccan feel this way about it. In some extreme instances, a Wiccan would want to cast a curse or a hex on somebody since they are harming others or threatening harm to the spell caster. Is it a bad thing to protect others or to keep somebody from doing something evil to themselves? That is up to the spells caster to decide
It is amazing to note that nearly any spell can be performed positively, without causing any harm to another. This is not to say that the spells isn’t going to impact another, but you can cast white magic spells that will have the same result as the black magic spells

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